Flexible and fully customizable Routings

The flexibility of the Transfact Routings allows you to define your processes at the exact level of detail that your organization requires.

From general administrative and organizational steps, to very specific and detailed production processes. The Transfact routings describe your organization’s processes just like your employees need them and supports them every step of the way.

Transfact PPS Routings

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General Routing Features

  • Customizable standardized step-types that can be re-used across multiple article routings.

  • Define preferred resources or machines for each step.

  • Enter individual approximate times for setup, execution, waiting, operator supervision on each step.

  • For routing steps where batch sizes vary, use specific values to improve total time calculations.

  • Link instruction documentation to each routing step where additional information can support your employees.

  • Activate „Fast Completion“ for steps that don’t require much time or data, but are necessary for a better monitoring of the progress.

  • Establish precondition steps or optional parallel processes.

Routing Features in:  Production and Engineering

  • Choose a preferred resource or machine to be used for specific critical routing steps.

  • Load CNC Programms to the steps where they are needed and make them easily available.

  • Add Design and Engineering steps that will only be required for the initial prototypes, afterwards, the system will automatically stop planning for these routing steps until the next revision comes in.

Routing Features in: Stock and Purchasing

  • Automatically trigger purchase orders for specific components or external processing at the exact process step when they are required.

  • Specify the order in which BOM components are to be used and automatically reserve them or book them out of stock.

  • For steps where the quantities used might vary, activate manual quantity entries to collect this data at the exact step when the material is used.

Routing Features in: Quality Control

  • Add complete Inspection Plans to each quality control step where you need to collect measurement data.

  • Associate specific tools, molds or appliances that are to be used for specialized steps.

  • Display different construction or schematic drawings on each step, according to the controls that are relevant at each point.

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